Constellations Explorer Stage 4 Soccer Ball (5-6 years)

The night's sky isn't just a peek at the visible universe, it tells stories about the beliefs, experiences, and mythologies of past cultures. Gaze up and learn about the Roman hero Hercules, the winged Perseus, the beautiful Andromeda and the frightening Hydra with the Score N' Explore Constellations Explorer Stage 4 soccer ball.  Only with Score N' Explore can you be a goal scorer and a Constellations Explorer! Let's Score N' Explore!
  • Stage 4 Soccer Ball (5-6 years)
  • Non-Toxic Patterned PVC
  • Shipped inflated
  • Safety Tested

Stage 4 Soccer Ball (5-6 years) It is important to make sure that lesson learning activities for 5-year-old children are age-appropriate and engaging. Children at this age learn best through hands-on experiences, so activities should be structured to allow for plenty of exploration and play. Additionally, activities should be designed to promote independence and encourage children to take initiative in their own learning.