Sea Animals Explorer Stage 1 Rubber Playground Ball (12-24 months)


The sea is vast, but your Explorer's curiosity knows no challenge too big to hold them back.  Put on their wetsuit to explore the animals of the sea with the Score N' Explore Sea Animals Explorer rubber playground ball.  The Sea Animals Explorer rubber playground ball is made with soft, non-toxic rubber perfect for dodge ball, kick ball, gaga ball or whatever playground game your Explorer finds themselves in.  Let's Score N' Explore!
  • Stage 1 Soccer Ball (12-24 months)
  • Non-Toxic Rubber Ball
  • Textured Rubber Grip
  • First Word Ball
  • Safety Tested


Stage 1 Soccer Ball (12-24 months) It is important to note that children at this age learn best through play, exploration, and hands-on experiences. Therefore, lessons should be structured in a way that is fun and engaging for the child, while also promoting their development.