World Capital Explorer Stage 5 Soccer Ball (ages 7 and Up)

Color - Blue
The world is full of wonder.  Grab your passport and explore all of the amazing countries across the globe with the Score N' Explore International Explorer Level 3 soccer ball.  Only with Score N' Explore can you be a goal scorer and an International Explorer! Let's Score N' Explore!
  • Stage 5 Soccer Ball (7 and up)
  • Non-Toxic PVC
  • Safety Tested

Stage 5 Soccer Ball (age 7 and up) In terms of learning, stage-based learning can be effective for children aged 7 and up. This approach involves tailoring instruction to the child's developmental stage, allowing them to build on their existing knowledge and skills. For example, children in the concrete operational stage may benefit from hands-on activities and concrete examples to help them understand abstract concepts.