About Us

As parents, we understand how important it is to teach kids early childhood development. We wanted to give our kids the best resource we could get - so we created a learning ball that sparks curiosity, builds gross motor skills, and provides toddlers with educational lessons.

Score N’ Explore balls are designed to help children discover and learn in a fun and interactive way. It all started with a desire to provide our children with the best start in life. We wanted to create something that would help children reach their potential and give them the opportunity to excel. That’s why we developed our Score N’ Explore ball – a child development toy designed specifically to engage children and build essential skills at an early age.

The Score N’ Explore balls encourage children to explore, develop, and grow with its vibrant colors, tactile features, and educational activities. Score N’ Explore balls are designed to help children develop their gross motor skills while the playful sound effects capture their attention and spark their curiosity. We believe that this product will help give your child the tools they need to succeed in life.

Explore the wonders of nature, science, math, technology, geography, and history through active play. Score N’ Explore engagingly connects core educational subjects with play to help develop cognitive skills, physical abilities, vocabulary, social skills and literacy. Our diverse line of Lessons make learning fun and exciting!